Bever-Roberts Tower, Mendocino, CA
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A Mendocino Year
A Mendocino Year
Bever TowerIn the summer of 1910 the 'Mendocino Beacon' described Bever House as having "fine gardens and a water tower".
Photographs taken in the 1920s show the garden and tower fallen on hard times, but still in use, with the tower rising high above the house to provide gravity feed for domestic water. This water was pumped by wind power to a redwood holding tank high above the ground from a hand-dug well forty-feet deep beneath the current Bever House kitchen.

Today electric pumps draw water from a deep well to deliver pressurized water to the tower and adjacent Bever House.

By 1989 the water tower was rotting away from top and bottom. After a thorough review, the Mendocino Historical Review Board agreed the structure was unsalvageable. In 1992, permits were obtained to construct a tower guesthouse. Several local builders and artists contributed to the interior with stained glass and hand painted tiles depicting the original tower and other local scenes.